Social Media Analytics: the roadmap to success. Understand the signs to determine how you are performing online.

Analytics 101: The Anatomy of a Social Post

Social media analytics may sound daunting, but when you boil it down, the concept is not that intimidating.  Essentially, you are looking at the elements of your company’s social posts to determine whether or not everything resonates with your online visitors.  When you publish social posts online, tracking their performance can help you determine whetherContinue reading “Analytics 101: The Anatomy of a Social Post”

Klarna: ‘Smoooth’ With Keyword Analytics?

Right now, my current interest happens to be my field of work.  I am currently working as an intern with Klarna, a company that focuses on promoting “smoooth payments” to its users (yes, that third ‘o’ is intentional!).  Essentially, by using Klarna, you can pay for purchases in four interest-free installments, making the financial burdenContinue reading “Klarna: ‘Smoooth’ With Keyword Analytics?”

Hit the “Grounds” Running: Search Habits and Coffee Shops

As we prepare for the launch of our coffee shop locations, it is incredibly important to see how “buzzy” coffee-related search terms are in our surrounding areas.  By pin-pointing the areas where coffee is a subject of interest, we can begin implementing our business plans and branching into other neighboring states to continue our riseContinue reading “Hit the “Grounds” Running: Search Habits and Coffee Shops”

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