Passion Blog #6: Expect the Unexpected, Especially from Content Creators

Compared to every other artist and album I have reviewed so far, this next individual takes a SHARP turn in terms of music genre, style, and personality.  While he has no full-length albums out, he has quite a few songs that have taken the Internet by storm.  While his style is typically not something I would go out of my way to listen to, his personal story and online content (YouTube specifically) make him so fascinating to me.  This week, we take a look at viral content creator Corpse Husband. 

Fan art interpretation of Corpse. Art courtesy of kgcreate on DeviantArt.

Corpse rose to fame practically overnight thanks to the YouTube gaming community.  His Internet start began with him reading horror stories for his subscribers.  Once he was invited to start playing games with larger streamers, he took off, and today he has over five million subscribers.  What makes Corpse so interesting is the fact that he has never shown his face.  Corpse struggles with severe anxiety and depression, and to protect his privacy, he chose to be a “faceless streamer.”  This element of secrecy has kept fans on the edge of their seats, and while he hasn’t announced whether he will reveal himself one day, fans continue to show him nothing but love.

The other reason for Corpse’s notoriety is his voice.  If you listen to any of his streaming videos, you can always pick Corpse out due to his incredibly deep voice.  While part of it is attributed to genetics, his voice is also deep due to GERD, which is an acid reflux disease that impacts his vocal cords.  There is currently no cure for Corpse’s ailments, which has impacted his life drastically.  Fans always come to his side and support him when he needs to take breaks, and Corpse always makes sure to tell fans that all of the support never goes unnoticed.

Once he broke out in the gaming community, Corpse decided to start releasing his music.  His first release, ‘Miss YOU!,’ starts to give you a look into Corpse’s mind.  The opening line of the song says “I don’t wanna look like this, f**k,” and you begin to see how much Corpse struggles with his physical appearance and feeling like he isn’t good enough.  With the song’s dark and edgy tone, listeners are immediately introduced to the world of Corpse Husband.

The popularity didn’t stop there, as Corpse took over TikTok with his song ‘E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE!’ Looper describes how the song contains several references to pop culture, specifically anime, with lyrics such as “let me grab my Death Note” and “B**ch I feel like I’m Gaara.”  The song currently has over 100 million streams, and thanks to Corpse’s devoted fan base, the song has been featured on a billboard in Times Square.  ‘E-GIRLS’ is incredibly catchy, and you can see how Corpse continues to get creative with his lyrics and rhymes.

Corpse’s most recent Spotify release, ‘agoraphobic’ is one of his most vulnerable songs.  He describes how he feels like everyone hates him around and how life moves incredibly fast.  With him never feeling comfortable stepping out in public, Corpse sings that he “loves it when it rains, cuz I’m agoraphobic.” Out of all of his songs, this is probably my favorite.  It’s also the most different song in his discography, sounding a bit more like lo-fi instead of the darker, metal rhythms he is known for.  Knowing how much life has tested him, I feel for Corpse in this song, and the fact that he is willing to be this open with his fans is commendable.

Since his meteoric rise, Corpse has managed to work with some pretty major artists in the industry.  Just a couple of weeks ago, he dropped his most recent collaboration with Machine Gun Kelly, called ‘DAYWALKER!’.  The song is easily the darkest thing MGK has ever released, and Corpse was not afraid to include more personal details about himself.  In the music video, Corpse’s friend Valkyrae (another streamer) stepped up and performed as him so he could stay out of the spotlight.  She did a fantastic job, and Corpse gave her the highest praise for jumping in last-minute to help him out.  In the future, fans (myself included) are eager to see what other artists he may collaborate with. 

When life gets tough, Corpse turns to music as an outlet for his stress.  I sincerely hope that he continues to see how much he impacts those around him, because he has helped shape my grad year and give me plenty of smiles along the way.

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