Passion Blog #3: Only the Happiest with The Happy Fits

Let’s be honest: none of you know who this group is, but that’s why I chose to look at their newest album for this blog post.  The Happy Fits features Calvin Langman, Ross Monteith, and Luke Davis, and they are one of the new rising alternative groups in the Northeast.  So, why are they so interesting to me? Well, I actually went to high school with these guys, and Luke and I worked closely at a restaurant back home in New Jersey!

Friendships aside, these gentlemen are incredibly talented.  Their music is extremely catchy, they put out some interesting messages for fans to think about, and they are an alt group that produces music with some guitar, drums, and a CELLO.  Trust me, it makes a lot more sense once you hear their music.  Kick back and read along as I give you my review of The Happy Fits’ newest album, ‘What Could Be Better”.

Album cover. Image courtesy of

This album dropped on August 28, 2020, following up their debut album ‘Concentrate’ which was released back in 2018.  With their zany fruit branding, The Happy Fits immediately became a hometown favorite, selling out local venues and becoming a hit overnight.  In the video for ‘No Instructions’, you can actually see the ‘So This is Pittstown’ barn, which is one of the most recognizable photo ops from my town (and only about two minutes from my house).   

Music video for ‘No Instructions’.

The guys have been working together for years, and in their mid-twenties, they have already accomplished so much.  Their songs have been featured on curated Spotify playlists, they have signed with a label, and to date, the boys have over half a million Spotify listeners.  NPR did a feature on their newest release, calling their songs “some of the freshest, catchiest pop music around right now” (2020). 

One of my favorite songs is ‘Two of Many’, the second track on the record.  The track describes how good it feels to be young and in love, and how you never want someone to take that feeling from you.  This is the perfect song for sunny day drives and beach parties, and I constantly find myself rolling back the sunroof and letting this song play for others to hear.

Official audio for ‘Two of Many’.

On an opposite note, The Happy Fits are not afraid to get more somber and serious in their songs.  In ‘Sailing’, the boys talk about chasing feelings that don’t exist, pretending to be friends with someone you actually adore, and potentially losing that special bond you form with someone in your life.  The track is beautiful, and it still manages to draw you in just as much as their usual upbeat songs.

Catherine Lin does a great job breaking down the album in her article.  She talks about how The Happy Fits “confront the scary freedom of young adulthood” throughout the record, which shines through in the opening song ‘Go Dumb’ (2020).  The main theme of the track is about being here for the fun life gives you. We all want to have fun before life gets too serious, so why not embrace those impulses and live a little?

Music video for ‘Go Dumb’.

The Happy Fits are the perfect blend of quirky, whimsical, and sensible musicians.  If you haven’t listened to the album, I highly suggest it, especially since you’ll be able to see how much talent can come out of the small New Jersey town I call home.

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