The Story Behind the Writer

To understand my writing, you also need to understand who I am.

Throughout my life, I have always enjoyed writing.  I was the student who would exceed the necessary page count for assignments.  With this passion, it made sense for me to start a communications career.  I went through my college journey as a public relations major, and I added a journalism minor to continue honing my writing abilities.  

Thanks to my courses, the skills I learned allowed me to land fantastic internships, including one with a PR agency in West Hollywood, California.  While there, I drafted pitches for local press outlets and assisted with client reports, which required me to have proper writing abilities.  Currently, I work with the co-marketing team at Klarna, a Swedish fintech company that allows users to split payments over time.  This position constantly challenges my writing, as I craft dozens of emails daily and draft marketing decks to present to merchants.  While it may be demanding, this position continuously gives me the chance to improve.

While emails can be easy, my overall writing process can get tricky. When I begin to draft pieces, the words and structure can be hard to formulate.  I usually have several ideas at once and may struggle to pick a starting point.  Once I narrow down my options, the writing comes fairly easily.  Writing is an extension of my personality.  Professors and friends can identify my work just by the way it is written.  My only issue with writing is my eagerness to explain everything.  I enjoy thorough explanations, and this sometimes reads as filler content.  My passion can get the best of me, but with guidance, I can create intriguing work.

To make this work come to life, my writing process may change from piece to piece.  With essays, I will try to plan my thoughts before writing the paper.  With short-form pieces, I like to write everything after reading the prompt.  I find it easy to write pieces in one session due to my rampant ideas.  This allows me to get everything on paper and not forget any thoughts.  Unfortunately, this can lead to bad procrastination habits, but ironically, some of my best work comes from completing assignments the day before they are due.

Procrastination aside, I have always recognized that good writing is critical.  Your voice will be heard best through proper grammar and well-constructed writing.  Every day, I realize I would not be here without proper writing skills. Each time I send an email or type an essay, I recognize how fortunate I am for the education I received.

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