Charitable Connections: The Garden of Dreams

The math is simple: A charity and its social platforms can create even more love in the city it calls home.

When using Mentionmapp, I wanted to look into one of my all-time favorite brands: The Garden of Dreams.  The Garden of Dreams is a philanthropic organization tied to the Madison Square Garden Company, which owns assets such as the New York Rangers and New York Knicks. Growing up as a fan of both the Rangers and the Garden of Dreams, I wanted to look into the connections the organization has made online, and where they can capitalize moving into the future.

Looking at the map below, you can see who the Garden of Dreams is connected to most prominently.  Not surprisingly, the Knicks pop up, as well as star Rangers player Artemiy Panarin.  While the Garden of Dreams has partnered with these players/organizations before, a good business strategy would be to have the players repost content on their own pages.  That way, the Garden of Dreams’ profile will receive more exposure, and the players will generate attention for great causes.  Take Artemiy’s example below, where he posted a photo of him and some fans celebrating a day together at Madison Square Garden. The map also showcases a connection with Make a Wish New Jersey, which could be a great opportunity for future partnerships.  By connecting young fans with some of their favorite players, the Garden of Dreams can continue to develop its reputation as a beloved charity organization.  Even further, this connection could inspire other local hospitals and charities to look into a partnership with the Garden of Dreams, expanding their network of companies even further.

While players themselves are the best built-in influencers, the Garden of Dreams could make a splash by highlighting donors.  Looking at the accounts that engage with the organization the most, the Garden of Dreams could see who donates and truly supports the brand and emphasize their contributions on their social pages.  For example, the Garden of Dreams could run a campaign that can focus around “Hometown Heroes”, where each day, the organization spotlights three donors that have made the charity a part of their lives.  This would not only raise awareness for the Garden of Dreams, but it also helps establish a personal connection between the charity and its supporters.  Building those bonds will only fortify the Garden of Dreams and its efforts within the Tri-State area. 

This past hockey season, the Garden of Dreams worked together with the Rangers to promote their playoff run.  The hashtag #NoQuitinNY quickly started trending with Rangers fans, and all proceeds from merchandise sales went towards local charities.  Whenever the Rangers would tweet about the initiative, the Garden of Dreams would retweet the same post to its account, adding to the exposure.  These partnered hashtags are a great strategy for social media awareness.  Multiple prominent accounts using the same hashtag will automatically increase visibility, as well as generate more clicks and donations.  Moving forward, the Garden of Dreams should find ways to incorporate these more frequently, especially in our current crazy world.

These are just a few insights that the Garden of Dreams can capitalize on while working on future plans.  Even though the organization partners with famous sports teams and players, highlighting your “average Joe” supporters will only continue to show why the Garden of Dreams is so special to New York City. 

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