Hit the “Grounds” Running: Search Habits and Coffee Shops

By looking at the frequency of search terms, we can determine the best way to start off our coffee business in the wonderful state of California.

As we prepare for the launch of our coffee shop locations, it is incredibly important to see how “buzzy” coffee-related search terms are in our surrounding areas.  By pin-pointing the areas where coffee is a subject of interest, we can begin implementing our business plans and branching into other neighboring states to continue our rise to popularity.  Using Google Trends, I managed to narrow down the best location for our coffee journey to begin, and I will explain why these decisions make sense for our blossoming company.

California is quite a large state, so picking the perfect location for our franchise to begin is key.  We want our location to be in an area where coffee is at the top of people’s minds, while also being close enough to bordering states to facilitate our nationwide spread.  With this in mind, our first location should be within the northern part of Sacramento Valley, close to our headquarters in Chico or Redding.  As you can see from the diagram below, coffee is a word likely to have been searched in this area over the last five years.  In addition to coffee being of interest in online searches, this region of California is very close to Nevada and Oregon, which would be great states to branch into once our business takes off.  While areas such as San Diego and Los Angeles do have higher interest scores, these regions are not close enough to other states, potentially limiting our national popularity. 

With this location in mind, we should also look into how our social media strategy can play into the region around us.  Looking at “social media” as a search term, you can see that this is a fairly popular search within the Chico and Redding area.  By playing into this, we can try to spike searches that include our brand name attached to “social media”.  For example, if we create a compelling campaign for our store openings that focuses all around our social media platforms, people will be inclined to search for our handles in order to learn more about the brand.  Since Los Angeles is another massive area in terms of population and our search terms, we can create a campaign that focuses on how our coffee is a new West Coast staple.  We can play into the LA, California and West Coast scenery people love, emphasizing that our cup of Joe is a must-have for your road trips.  Capitalizing on the abundance of “coffee” and “social media” searches will only benefit us in the long-run. 

In order to make a splash, I also looked into how much one of our competitors is searched online.  As noted in the spreadsheet below, Starbucks is a more frequent and dominant search term over “coffee” in several of the metro areas in California.  With this in mind, we need to make sure we build up notoriety quickly, as brand names seem to be used when it comes time to search for caffeine.  To do this, we could run some fun giveaways on our social channels during our brand launch.  Giving away reusable cups with our logos and featuring winners on our social channels will help us gain publicity, and we could even partner with environmental groups to promote a sustainable drive-through experience.  Running ads that target coffee-lovers out West will also help us reach this goal. Through these measures, we can generate coverage fast and make sure that surrounding regions get excited for their respective store openings. 

By looking at the proper search terms, we can easily determine how to frame our company.  Centering our company in an area that frequently searches for coffee will set us off on the right foot.  Focusing on our brand name as opposed to “coffee” will bring back positive search results and also get the publicity ball rolling.  Constantly highlighting our social media through campaigns will also generate a following, as social media is searched frequently in our region.  These beginning steps will ensure that our company stays afloat and caters to the surrounding regions’ search habits.

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