Metrics Mania: Which to Use, and Why?

So you have your social media accounts. Do you know what the best metrics are for all of your burning questions?

When it comes to social media metrics, it is very important to determine what the best metrics are for the questions you need answered.  Not every metric will give you the most accurate information, so you have to think clearly about what will reflect the information you are looking for.  Below are a few questions that you may ask yourself when trying to run your social media accounts.  By using some of these recommended metrics, you will be able to succeed in your social career.

Who is my audience?

The most important thing to determine when you are analyzing your social media is your audience.  Without identifying the correct audience, you could be targeting your posts to the wrong people and receiving less traction as a result.  Some social media sites, like Twitter, have an “Audiences” tab, where you can go in and look at a complete breakdown of your audience’s interests, buying habits, and more.  This is important for you to understand when tailoring your posts.  If your business is about fashion, you shouldn’t be targeting people in the technology sphere.  You can also check your followers list to see a general age range, gender breakdown, and more.

Am I doing better than my competitors?

In order to stand out, you want to check how your content stacks up against your competitors.  Looking at your social reach can help you determine exactly how far your posts are spreading and who is seeing them.  Typically, your reach can include both your direct following and any accounts that see shared posts of yours, so your reach could be way larger than you think.  Engagements also help, as you can compare how many likes, comments, and shares you have over your competition.  Share of voice is also important to consider here, as you can see what is discussed in combination with your brand and how many people talk about your brand versus others.  If you can be mentioned within some larger verticals, you may be able to gain more exposure than the competition. Lastly, follower growth is key.  If you see your following growing faster than other brands similar to yours, that indicates your content is resonating more with viewers, causing you to become a more buzz-worthy brand.

What are people saying about my brand?

Building a successful brand depends on how your audience reacts to your content.  Try searching for account mentions to see how many people are talking about you and in what context.  This also allows you to check if people are talking about your brand across each of your regions (if applicable). Similarly, looking into your branded hashtags can help direct you to posts where your brand is being reposted and discussed.  Looking at your comments section can also give you insights into your brand’s online chatter.  Go through and read some – are people criticizing your posts, or do they crave more?

When is the best time to publish?

To establish a true connection with your audience, you have to make sure you are publishing content when they will be around to view it.  A great first step is to look into follower trends and demographics to see when people are most active around the globe and to see how they interact while online.  For example, if your U.S. following tends to be most active around 12 p.m. and enjoys online shopping, you should try to post around then and also include product that they can purchase.  You can also look into average visit durations to see when during the day your audience spends the most time on your accounts.  Posting in these time windows can also help you earn more exposure.

Which content does my audience enjoy the most?

Posting appealing content will either make or break your brand online.  The biggest metric to consider here is engagements.  Posts that your audience enjoys will usually receive more likes, comments (typically positive) and shares.  By looking into the posts that perform the best, you can determine how to tailor your content moving forward.  In tandem with this, you should look at your post engagement rate, which is your engagements divided by impressions/reach.  If your result is high, then your followers find your content interesting and want to see more.

Which social media network is the best for my brand?

You cannot succeed without making sure you have the right platforms in use.  You can check your audience demographics to see what platforms they typically use.  For example, if you’re mostly reaching young adults interested in fashion, you may want to use Instagram and Facebook to craft long posts, use influencers, and promote product with ads.  You may want to check your reach on each platform as well.  If you see that your reach extends further on certain social sites, you should keep those the most active, as you will generate more buzz that way.

How can I have a better performance on social media?

A strong online performance can take your brand far.  Consider looking at paid reach to see how much buzz your brand is generating through paid media efforts.  By putting out some paid ads to target your audience, you may see greater conversion rates and visits to your sites.  In addition, customer care will help you develop a strong character and following online.  By taking the time to respond to visitors’ questions and address any concerns, your followers will feel connected to your account and want to support you more down the line. 

By ensuring that you are using the correct metrics for your questions, you brand will flourish in the online world. More than one metric can be used for several questions, so never feel afraid to get as much information as possible to paint the full picture of your accounts.

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