Social Media Analytics: Is Your Post Note-Worthy?

So you’ve uploaded your post. How can you tell if it will really make an impact?

Social media analytics have become increasingly important for businesses. How can you tell if your following enjoys the content you upload? Do you need to change your posting strategy to cater to bigger audiences? How about your upload time: are you posting when people will actually be online? All of these questions can be answered by simply analyzing your existing media. What follows is an example of how social media analytics can carve out insights for a professional sports team.

Sports has always held a special place in my heart, and teams’ social media accounts can help fans feel even more engaged with their favorite players.  When it comes to hockey, the New York Rangers tend to post creative content year-round.  One of their most beloved profiles is on Twitter, where the team can post anything from game updates to their take on relevant trends.  Looking at the account, one tweet that stands out is the Rangers’ multi-media recap of their team rebuild.  The post was published on August 18, 2020, and it outlines every move the Rangers have made to revamp their team after seasons of struggles.  Everything from signings to draft lottery numbers is included, giving even casual fans the perfect overview of the last two years.  The Rangers tend to post a lot of content like this, using videos and gifs to their advantage.  Their different spin on social media is typically received very well, with fans eager to see what will be published next.

The Rangers’ post about the ongoing rebuild and journey thus far.

When we dive into the logistics of the post, we can tell whether or not the Rangers are making the best possible impression online.  This tweet was uploaded at 11:02 a.m. on a Tuesday, which is right around the best window to post online.  Typically, people will check their social media accounts as they are heading out to lunch (12 p.m.), so posting something around this time may earn a bit more engagement.  Posting a video instead of a static timeline post is also creative, as it keeps fans on the page for a longer period of time.  The Rangers’ graphics team has also improved this year, putting together well-designed content that encompasses the team’s feel and spirit.  The tweet also received 1.3k likes and 188 retweets, which is around the average engagement on the NYR Twitter.  Diving into the comments section, fans reacted very well to this post.  Many of them expressed their excitement about how the team has changed, and how they are looking forward to seeing these changes bring them championships. 

There are a few things not included in the post that may have been worth adding.  The Rangers’ social media team could have added one of the team’s branded hashtags, such as #NoQuitinNY, to increase engagement.  Fans love using these in their own posts, and would likely go out of their way to look at how many other posts use the same hashtag.  The Rangers’ team could also have created a webpage that includes an in-depth look at each of these pivotal moments and linked to it within the post.  That way, fans can continue to receive exposure to the team and also learn more about why the team staff made these decisions. 

Overall, this post is one that makes a splash on the team’s Twitter account.  Other teams should look into making branded graphics that fans can interact with and relate to while online.  Outside of sports, other companies should work to create a seamless experience on their social platforms.  If you give your viewers a complete look at your brand through your social content and design, you will grow your following easily and quickly.

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