Analytics 101: The Anatomy of a Social Post

Understanding the workings of your social post will help you create a successful social strategy.

Social media analytics may sound daunting, but when you boil it down, the concept is not that intimidating.  Essentially, you are looking at the elements of your company’s social posts to determine whether or not everything resonates with your online visitors.  When you publish social posts online, tracking their performance can help you determine whether or not you should continue to follow the same concepts, or switch up your strategy to receive more attention.  Some things you should look into include the timing of the post, actions (likes, shares, etc…), and your platform(s) of choice. Failing to consider these pieces of information could be troubling for your business, so make sure that you look into all the bells and whistles to determine how strong your “social game” truly is.

A sample social post from H&M to analyze. Each element of the post contributes to how impactful it will be.

Take this post from H&M, for example.  This post features an influencer wearing H&M product, as well as a cute caption describing the influencer’s style.   The image was posted on a Friday, and since Fridays are the end of the work week, people are more inclined to sit down and take a deeper dive into their social media feeds.  So far, the post has collected over 125,000 likes, which reflects how prominent of a brand H&M is.  Tagging the influencer and the product collaboration is also a smart move, since this will encourage viewers to check the influencer’s other content and search for the H&M product if they are interested in buying it.  Another smart tactic H&M implemented is linking to the product page within the image.  This way, viewers have a direct way to access the product instead of having to search for it themselves.  This convenience factor can also attract returning visitors, which will help H&M continue to make an impact online.  Looking at the channel of choice, Instagram is a very good outlet for fashion brands since they can post imagery showcasing their products.  With this in mind, H&M made a smart choice, since Instagram also caters to different audiences. 

While H&M did well with their post, there are also some areas where this post could have been improved.  H&M only uses one hashtag on this post, and using more could have had this post pop up in other areas of Instagram.  For example, using #HM is good for the brand, but using something like #fashiontrends or #dresslover could have made this post reach new users.   H&M could have included a video of the influencer twirling around or modeling in the dress as well, just to give viewers a chance to see how the dress looks in action.  This helps connect visitors to the product and give them the chance to determine if they want to buy it.  There are several areas of social media analytics you need to cover in order to get the full picture about your post’s performance.

Essentially, social media analytics involves you being critical of your own posts.  Be honest with yourself – are your posts gaining enough attention, or do you need to consider thinking outside the box in order to make a bigger impact online?  Keeping this concept in mind as you work on social media will help you develop a comprehensive, engaging profile that will keep viewers wanting more.

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