Garden of Dreams Social Media Pitch

With this social media strategy, the Garden of Dreams can establish itself as a nationwide charity.

This presentation highlights specific tactics and strategies the Garden of Dreams can use to spread their efforts nationwide. Right now, the Garden of Dreams has a strong connection to the NYC area, which is to be expected with partnerships at MSG and around the city. However, just because the charity is rooted in New York does not mean that it needs to feel confined there. The initiatives the Garden of Dreams puts forth are life-changing, and any charity- or sports-lover will be able to connect with the organization and its outreach. This is why I am pitching to the Garden of Dreams about how they can take their brand across the country. Through leveraging partnerships and working out better branded content, the foundation can start to travel across the country and work with organizations nationwide to spread joy to any child in need. I outline how the organization can improve its current efforts, give suggestions for branded content that can live on Instagram and Twitter, and focus in on some key recommendations to make this plan a success.

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