Garden of Dreams Community Guidelines

The Garden of Dreams prides itself on its community, and with these guidelines, fans and supporters can have the best social media experience.

The Garden of Dreams Foundation prides itself on using social media as an informative tool, allowing our community to learn more about our efforts as well as introduce us to new opportunities in the Tri-State Area.

We will work hard to engage with you about our current outreach efforts, as well as listen to your feedback on what we have done well and where we can improve in the future.  Transparency is a top value of ours, and we want to make sure that you see our true colors in each and every post.

If you post or comment on our social media channels, you are agreeing to abide by our Community Guidelines, outlined in greater detail below.  Please note that any posts or comments that do not come directly from our account come from members of the public.  These comments do not necessarily reflect the views of the Garden of Dreams Foundation or the social media site, and are the responsibility of the individuals posting them.

Moderation Policy

  • While we welcome you to share your thoughts and viewpoints on our work, the Garden of Dreams Foundation does not tolerate any content that promotes violence, profanity, or harassment on our social media channels.  Our social channels are meant to educate others on our work and partnerships, and we wish to keep these platforms friendly and educational.
  • If you wish to share personal feedback with our organization directly, please visit our Contact Us page to submit a query. 
  • We reserve the right to remove commentary and block or ban users who violate this policy.  Any content in violation of our guidelines will be taken down from our accounts, and law enforcement may be contacted if the content poses a threat to the safety to the public or an individual. 

Positive Engagement

  • We welcome comments, ideas, and experiences on our social media channels.  We encourage you to share your stories about the Foundation, as these help us learn about the impact we have made on your life.  If you wish to submit a request for a future event or connect with us about a potential partnership, please visit the Contact Us section of our website and submit a response for us to review.
  • When commenting on our posts, we will do our best to moderate content and respond quickly to your feedback.  Please note that commentary on our posts may come from the general public, and we are not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of these comments.  We will work hard to continuously moderate our feeds and remove any commentary that can be misleading or offensive to other users.
  • To encourage positive engagement, the Garden of Dreams may use your posts on our channels and website to showcase community impact and experiences.  Do not submit any content you wish to keep confidential.  If we re-use your post, your name, likeness and social media handle may be displayed.   

Legal Restrictions

  • Due to our company status, there are topics we will not be able to discuss on our social channels.  We ask that you refrain from posting commentary that includes:
    • Third-party intellectual property, such as copyrighted materials or any trade-marked materials without consent from the owners of said properties
    • Plagiarized information from external sources
    • Photos and videos containing individuals without their consent (for adults, their own consent, for children, their parents’ consent)
    • The names or personal information of any individuals, such as phone numbers, home addresses, financial information, hometown, etc… without explicit consent
    • Inappropriate comments about our competitors or partners (for example, insensitive comments, statements about individuals in partner organizations, etc…)
    • Information that is misleading, false, or inaccurate
    • Third-party confidential information
    • Libel, slander, or defamation of character
    • Predatory conduct towards other users
    • Threats
    • Advertising
    • Spam
    • Software issues, such as viruses, files or corrupting materials meant to interfere with the social media sites
  • By posting, you are stating that your post complies with all legal guidelines and does not include any of the restricted content above.  Please note that the Garden of Dreams reserves the right to remove any content that we believe does not comply with these regulations.

Paid Media Guidelines

  • The Garden of Dreams Foundation may choose to publish paid ads, sponsored posts or paid placements on other platforms.  When commenting on these posts, you are agreeing to abide by our community guidelines AND the guidelines of whichever platform is being viewed (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc…).  Any posts that violate one or both sets of guidelines will be subject to removal and could result in your account being banned from the platform(s).
  • All content published in paid and sponsored advertisements has been reviewed directly by the Garden of Dreams Foundation and accurately portrays our organization and values.
  • All testimonials and endorsements reflect the typical consumer experience unless the ad specifically states otherwise.  Any unclear connections between an endorser and the company will be disclosed. 
  • Please refrain from posting feedback about our organization on paid social placements.  If you wish to contact us directly about a question or issue, visit the Contact Us section of our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I go to learn more about the Garden of Dreams Foundation and its initiatives?

A: Visit our website to learn more about our organization’s efforts and initiatives. 

Q: Where can I submit requests for partnerships, whether they are business or event-related?

A: All inquiries can be submitted on our Contact Us page.  Please select the appropriate inquiry type from our drop-down menu.

Q: How can I make a donation to the Garden of Dreams Foundation?

A: Visit to make a donation and help continue to change lives in the Tri-State Area.

Q: I want to host a group event with the Garden of Dreams Foundation.  Who should I contact?

A: Visit our Contact Us page and submit an inquiry using the “Group Event” option from the drop-down menu.  A representative will respond to you within 48-72 hours depending on the type of event requested.

Q: Can I volunteer to help at Garden of Dreams events?

A: Please fill out our volunteer request form on our website to be considered for any open volunteer opportunities.  If chosen, we will inform you of upcoming vacancies and you may choose what best fits your schedule or values.

Q: I want to buy tickets to events at Madison Square Garden that are partnered with the Garden of Dreams.

A: Visit our events calendar on our website to see which sporting nights have Garden of Dreams partnerships.  Click on the event you are interested in to be re-directed to the appropriate ticket-purchasing website.

Q: I want to do my part to spread the word about the Garden of Dreams’ initiatives.

A: Feel free to share our posts to your own personal social media feeds to help educate others about our organization and its efforts.  All outreach is welcome, as we continuously strive to help our organization grow.

Q: How can I support the Garden of Dreams Foundation at home?

A: Our donation page is always available, and hosting fundraiser events to support the Garden of Dreams is always welcomed.  If you post about these events, we will try and interact with your feed and spread your contribution across out channels.

Q:  Where can I learn about the Garden of Dreams’ current partners?

A:  Visit the Dream@Home tab on our website to see our current partnerships and examples of past events and experiences organized by our partners.

Q:  Where can I submit an application for a job at the Garden of Dreams Foundation?

A: Please email your most recent resume/CV and a cover letter to for consideration.

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