The Perfect Personas: Garden of Dreams

These imaginary people are the link between the Garden of Dreams and the public: here’s how.

In order to truly connect a brand to its publics, it can be helpful to develop some “personas” to start brainstorming strategies. For the Garden of Dreams, I have developed two different personas that speak to different parts of the target publics. These individuals are each different, but they have mutual connections that make them prime targets for the Garden of Dreams and its initiatives. Below are my descriptive outlines of each persona, as well as some examples of things they may ask and how they connect on a deeper level to the organization at hand.

Charity Cassie

My first persona is Charity Cassie, who is a PR director living right outside NYC who loves to get involved with charities in any way she can.  She wants to generate more publicity for her workplace, but also find a healthy balance between work and charity time.  Cassie fits right into the Garden of Dreams’ target audience parameters.  She is a younger-age female living right near the New York City area, loves charity work, and has an affinity for NYC events and causes.  She strives to do what is right and also values the places where she works, which fits into the Garden of Dreams’ values and morals.  The Garden of Dreams is an ideal organization for Cassie, as the company can help her do charity work without taking her away from the rest of her responsibilities and help her gain publicity for her workplace via a sponsorship.

Cassie’s Questions:

1. I want to know how I can get my company involved with the Garden of Dreams.

2. I want to go to a Garden of Dreams charity event to start getting involved.

3. I want to do my part to spread the word about the Garden of Dreams’ initiatives.

4. I want to buy (or earn) a partnership deal with the Garden of Dreams to work with my PR firm.

Cassie’s questions would focus mostly around the charity component and how she can combine her two worlds together through the Garden of Dreams.  Asking these questions would help her determine whether or not the Garden of Dreams aligns with her personal aspirations, as well as her workplace for a potential sponsorship.  With these questions in mind, the Garden of Dreams could add a section to their website about how to submit sponsorship requests.  Cassie could use this link to reach out to the charity and see if her PR firm could work well with the Garden of Dreams’ upcoming initiatives.  The Garden of Dreams can also post about upcoming charity opportunities across social media.  That way, Cassie can stay updated on dates and times in an instant, attending events that fit into her busy schedule.  Along the same lines, the Garden of Dreams could offer virtual “give-back” opportunities, so Cassie can continue to help without having to travel across the city.  In terms of spreading awareness for the organization, the Garden of Dreams can post videos of athletes and other charity members discussing the organization and how it helps the community.  Cassie can then repost these videos and describe her own experiences with the charity, generating conversations and awareness for the Garden of Dreams in the process.

Ranger Fan Randy

The second persona developed for the Garden of Dreams is Ranger Fan Randy.  He is a life-long New York Rangers fan raising two kids in New Jersey.  Randy wants to spread the New York “vibes” to everyone around him, including his co-workers.  When looking at the Garden of Dreams, Randy fits right into the target audience as well.  He’s a family man who loves New York sports, and he constantly wants to involve others in his life with the events he is passionate about.  The Garden of Dreams is perfect for Randy, since the organization works to create special events for Tri-State area residents by partnering with NYC sports teams and businesses.  For people who may not be die-hard sports fans, like Randy’s co-workers, the Garden of Dreams is the perfect gateway to Madison Square Garden due to its partnerships and events.  These events can help people learn more about the Garden’s sports teams and get them enthralled quickly.

Randy’s Questions

1. I want to know more about how the Garden of Dreams connects to the MSG community and NYC area.

2. I want to go to a Garden of Dreams event to get my friends and kids excited about NYC sports.

3. I want to do what I can to support the Garden of Dreams at my workplace/with my co-workers.

4. I want to buy tickets to events at MSG that are partnered with the Garden of Dreams.

Randy’s questions center around his desire to expose those around him to the Garden of Dreams and NYC sporting events that tie into the charity.  These questions will help Randy find fun ways to get his friends and family to enjoy New York sports without throwing them directly into games.  The Garden of Dreams can easily cater to this on social media.  The Garden of Dreams can post about fun kid-centric events, such as Garden of Dreams Night at MSG, to help Randy find ways to get his kids out to games.  On its website, the Garden of Dreams could post a tab about the specific partnerships with the Rangers, Knicks and Rockettes to give Randy a better sense of how those connections came to be and how he can educate those around him about these bonds.  With each event post that goes up, the Garden of Dreams could post a link to the ticket website to give Randy easy access to events.  Similarly, the organization could offer a group deal that would appeal to people like Randy and his co-workers.  Buying suite tickets to a Knicks game and donating portions of that money to the Garden of Dreams could make Randy’s friends feel better about attending the games and help all of them grow closer with each workplace outing. 

Both of these personas are perfect examples of people the Garden of Dreams needs to consider during social media outreach. Finding people with interests that can connect to either the charity or its partners is the ideal way to spread information and get others interested in what’s to come for the Garden of Dreams. While there are several other personas out there, Charity Cassie and Ranger Fan Randy target two very important aspects of the Garden of Dreams, and this is the perfect place for the organization to start.

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